Colorado Tax Collections

Colorado tax collections are much more oppressive than IRS tax collections for this reason: Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) representatives must work within a rigid, statutory tax-collection framework that essentially permits about 4 months for the taxpayer to dispute the tax before there are no more appeal rights. CDOR will send a series of 4 notices to the taxpayer saying the there is a discrepancy on the return, that the taxpayer can request a conference with the Tax Conferee, that the taxpayer missed the time to dispute the tax, and that the taxpayer must pay the tax and file suit in Colorado District Court to dispute the tax and get the tax money returned. All of this is set in Colorado Statutes.

CDOR will set up installment agreements with taxpayers who have not defaulted in the past. If they have, or if the taxpayer has not responded to CDOR requests, CDOR will outsource the tax collection to a professional collection agency, which could make an installment agreement more difficult.

If you find yourself in this situation, David A. Sprecace has more than 23 years of experience preparing Protests to the CDOR Office of Tax Conferee, and proceeding to Colorado District Court if necessary. Call 303-454-8260 or email Dave at to set up a phone consultation.