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Dave has ridden to our rescue on many occasions. It’s not that I try to get in trouble but Dave is always there to bail me out. Dave went toe-to-toe with the IRS over a several year legal battle. Nothing like having a nasty person from the IRS on the other end of the line but that didn’t happen again after Dave got involved. His expertise in Tax and Business Law is incredible. Dave is personable, able, committed and just a helluva guy to have on your side. By the way, we beat the IRS!

- Russell and Lisa P.

My business partner and I hired Dave to represent us with an IRS tax audit of our company and individual tax returns. There were other family members and other businesses involved, and the IRS initially wanted more than $120,000.00 of tax, penalty, and interest. When all was said and done, we had to pay only a small fraction of the original amount. I highly recommend Dave for tax audit representation.

- Mark M.

I called Dave to help me file several years of income tax returns. After the returns were filed, Dave filed an Offer in Compromise to get rid of the old taxes. The IRS accepted a small fraction of the original amount. With a fresh start, I can get back to building my business and staying on track, tax-wise. I highly recommend Dave for tax troubles.

- Mike W.

When I needed to buy out my business partner, Dave told me of the possible pitfalls with the Operating Agreement, walked me through the entire process, helped me value the company, and make an offer. I was able to keep my company, at a very fair buyout price.

- Yvonne A.

I hired Dave to sue a financial services company that gave me very bad advice. Without him, I never would have retrieved any part of my money.

- Lloyd A.

I am the former CFO of a large company. When the IRS wanted to collect company taxes from me personally, Dave got them to drop the case.

- Marcel K.

Dave helped our company win large contract lawsuits, with state and federal tax audits, and with a state labor audit. I am very happy we found him a few years ago.

- Laura D.

I’ve known Dave for many years, and always call him when I need a lawyer. He’s always there for me.

- Norma B.

When my company was selected for a federal tax audit, Dave was recommended for representation. The audit took several months, but the IRS issued a “no change” letter. I highly recommend Dave for audit representation.

- Scott B.

I found Dave after my company was sued in federal court in Denver for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dave got the suit dismissed, and we never heard from the plaintiff again.

- David J.

I have known David Sprecace for over fifteen years, and owning my own business as well as additional property, I have been in need of a good attorney on several occasions. Not only has David been there for me with just a phone call to him, but he has always given me sound advice and brought me peace of mind in an instant. I have been fortunate in calling David not only my trusted attorney but also a friend.

- Laura T.


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