IRS Property Liens

The IRS has the right and the ability to file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien with the counties in which it suspects a taxpayer possesses “property or rights to property”, in order to attempt to collect overdue taxes. The property or rights to property of any given taxpayer are determined under state law, but the IRS is authorized to enforce the lien or “to subject any property” to the payment of the tax liability. The Department of Justice files these lawsuits in federal court on behalf of the IRS, in order to foreclose federal tax liens and to sell the property for the payment of taxes. This type of collection action has become much more frequent with the strengthening U.S. economy.

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Dave has ridden to our rescue on many occasions. It’s not that I try to get in trouble but Dave is always there to bail me out. Dave went toe-to-toe with the IRS over a several year legal battle. Nothing like having a...

- Russell and Lisa P.

My business partner and I hired Dave to represent us with an IRS tax audit of our company and individual tax returns. There were other family members and other businesses involved, and the IRS initially wanted more than...

- Mark M.

I called Dave to help me file several years of income tax returns. After the returns were filed, Dave filed an Offer in Compromise to get rid of the old taxes. The IRS accepted a small fraction of the original amount...

- Mike W.

When I needed to buy out my business partner, Dave told me of the possible pitfalls with the Operating Agreement, walked me through the entire process, helped me value the company, and make an offer. I was able to keep...

- Yvonne A.

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