IRS Tax Audits

Maybe you or your business has received one of those letters requesting you to call an IRS Revenue Agent within the next 10 days to set up an appointment to “examine” your tax return. Or maybe you’ve received a letter requesting more information because your tax return is incomplete. Or maybe the IRS received information from a third-party reporting agency that doesn’t match what you have on your tax return.

Detailed examinations or audits can take weeks or months to complete, and front-line Revenue Agents are not inclined to accept excuses or the lack of substantiation. They are inclined and instructed to go by the book. Regardless, David A. Sprecace, P.C. can help with organizing your deductible items and substantiation, with ensuring that income-side problem are minimized as much as possible, and with ensuring that your rights are preserved through a difficult process.

David A. Sprecace will provide peace of mind that you will not have to endure an examination alone, but with a tax attorney of more than 23 years’ experience. Call 303-454-8260 or email Dave at to set up a phone consultation.